• Simulate the newspaper's profit in short and long term based on different values ​​for the annual change in digital revenue, print revenues, basic costs and additional costs for each publishing platform.
• Optimize the transition pace and resources needed for various publishing platforms over time.
• Be able to calculate in how many years a digital newspaper (web, mobile and/or tablet etc) is profitable and a printed paper is no longer profitable.
• Measure (and control of): - The common resources (basic costs) for each department regardless of distribution method. - The additional cost of publishing on each publishing platform.
• Optional addition: Comparing the newspaper's various revenue - not the least different digital revenues - with other newspapers. This in order to find areas with the highest possibility for digital growth (best cases).
• Optional addition: Be able to compare how costs like print, distribution, editorial and basic costs develop over time and in comparison to other newspapers (best cases).

Digital disruption model 6
Pasted GraphicDigital disruption model

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